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Company = "Top Transfers" – transfer company and tourist agency

Transfer offer (Offer)- non-binding transfer offer provided by the Company, offer without any obligation

Passenger = a person using Company's services for a fee.

Vehicle = a vehicle with maximum 9 seats, including driver's seat.

Transfer Confirmation (“Confirmation”) = a document enabling passenger to accomplish their right to Company's services. Transfer Confirmation may be generated electronically/digitally or printed on paper.

Transfer Confirmation contains date, time, route, number of passengers, pick up & drop off location and the price of the Transfer.

Transfer Confirmation is issued for each Transfer Reservation - for a single or a return Transfer and it it commits the Company to perform the service on the specified date, time and route, as listed on the Transfer Confirmation.

Return Transfer enables Passenger to use Transfer services on both first and return trip, for the previously arranged route, and commits the Company to provide the service on the specified date and time, as listed on the Transfer Confirmation. Passenger is obligated to confirm the date and time of the Transfer for the first and return trip by e-mail.

Terms and Conditions = the terms between the Company and the Passenger using their services in public land transport, and the conditions under which the Company is executing its services towards the Passenger and their belongings.

Transfer Contract (“Contract”) = with the Transfer Contract ('Contract'), the Company commits to safely transfer the Passenger and their luggage, according to the previously arranged route and itinerary, and the Passenger commits to pay the Company for the service provided.

The existence of the Contract can be proved with the Transfer Confirmation.

Payment Method - Full amount paid in cash to the driver, in local currency, on the day of service

Change of date and time listed on Transfer Confirmation is possible if the Passenger sends a request for change via email. The Passenger will be notified if change of date and time is possible and accepted by the Company. Change of Transfer date or time is not charged additionally.

Cancellation - The Passenger can cancel their Transfer without charge up to 2 days (48 hours) before the Transfer date.

Delays - In case the Company is directly responsible for the delay (e.g. flat tyre, empty tank, driver was late for transfer etc.), Passenger will be contacted and informed via e-mail or phone call and Passenger has the right to cancel Transfer Contract right away, without penalization and find another transportation option on its own. Company commits to wait 60 minutes for the Passenger at the airport, if waiting time is longer then 60 minutes, Company is not obligatory to wait.

Transfer details - It's the Passenger's responsibility to ensure that all Transfer details are correct. In case the Passenger is late for a flight or any other means of transportation because of the weather conditions and/or the conditions on the road that were not directly caused by the Company, the Company cannot be held responsible nor can be expected to cover the resulting expenses.

Time of departure toward the airport, or any other destination, is a suggestion by the agent, and only valid for standard routes and normal road conditions.

The Passenger may or may not accept suggested departure time, and can change departure time to a time that they believe is more suitable. In that case, the Passenger is obliged to notify the Company via e-mail of the change of desired departure time so that the Transfer Confirmation can be updated.

If the Passenger doesn't notify the office of the change of desired departure time, the Company cannot be held accountable in case of a late arrival.

During the booking of a transfer towards the airport and when choosing departure time, the Passenger needs to keep in mind that, in general, it's advisable to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight, and therefore, 2 hours need to be added to the length of the transfer to avoid being late for the flight.

Departure time is explicitly Passenger's decision and the Company cannot be held responsible in case the Passenger is late for any other means of transportation due to the departure time they have chosen.

After receiving the Transfer Confirmation, it's Passenger's duty to carefully check the details provided and by accepting and agreeing with the details listed in the Transfer Confirmation, the Passenger accepts full responsibility for the outcome of the Transfer.

Passenger's obligations

The Passenger is obliged to check all details in the Transfer Confirmation after receiving it and notify the Company via e-mail of any errors in the Transfer Confirmation immediately.

If the Passenger doesn't notify the Company of any errors in the Transfer Confirmation, all the details will be considered correct.

The Company has the right to withhold the Transfer Confirmation or refuse to execute the Transfer if passenger's behaviour is causing material damage to the Company, is harassing other Passengers or the Company's employees.

The Passenger is obliged to enter and exit the vehicle at the departure and destination points specified in the Transfer Confirmation.

The Passenger is required to appear at the collection point at least 5 minutes in advance of the departure time. The Company does not have an obligation to execute the transfer if the Passenger is late for the departure time.

If during the course of the Transfer, the passenger requests a short pause for refreshment, he/she is required to return to the vehicle within the previously agreed time frame. Company is not required to have its vehicle at disposal and wait for the Passenger if he/she does not abide by this agreement and decides to extend the time period of the short pause.

The Company can refuse to execute the Transfer or to abruptly cease providing its service under the following conditions:

  • the Passenger's behaviour is harassing the Company's employees, threatens the safety of employees and other passengers, the Passenger's behaviour disrupts the transfer service
  • If any of these conditions cause the Transfer service to be terminated the Passengers will be issued their belongings and requested to leave the vehicle.
  • If the Passenger intentionally or due to negligence damages the vehicle, he/she is obligated to compensate the Company by covering for the additional expenses generated by their irresponsible behaviour.

During the course of the Transfer the Passenger is required to properly use the seatbelt and to abide by the necessary safety procedures mandated by the official legislature. The Passengers are not allowed to abandon their seats and to move around until the vehicle stops.

In the case of a traffic accident, the Passenger will be considered responsible for all possible consequences (injuries, loss of belongings etc.) that transpire as a result of their insufficient abidance of safety procedures.

The Passenger is required to conform to the traffic norms and regulations, as well as to all procedures pertaining to necessary documentation the Passenger is requested to carry (passport, visa, other identification papers) or to Passenger's belongings.

Information and Complaints

The Passengers are required to provide the Company with a valid contact number and e-mail address if they wish to receive proper notification regarding possible updates in their reservation.

Formal complaints have to be submitted at the most 30 days after the date on which the disputed Transfer service was or had to be conducted. Formal complaints must be submitted exclusively in the written form (e-mail) to the official e-mail address.

The Company is obligated, within 15 days from receiving a formal complaint, to issue a response and to report to the Customer (Passenger) on the status of the complaint.

The Customer is forbidden from making any public statements regarding their complaint until the Company issues its final response.

Company's obligations

The Company is responsible for determining the price of the Transfer service which is then published on the official webpage.

The Company reserves the right to grant various commercial concessions to certain passenger categories.

For any damages to the Passenger caused by the abortion, delay or cancellation of the transfer, the Company is not liable in cases it was caused by weather or road conditions, or where they weren't direct result of Company's recklessness.

Transport of luggage

Company's vehicles may transport hand, standard-sized and/or unaccompanied luggage, as well as items generally not deemed such, under the conditions listed in these Terms and Conditions.
Transport of luggage is charged if transported unaccompanied, in accordance with the standard pricelist of the Company.
Every single Passenger is allowed to carry one standard size and one hand luggage.
The Company is not liable for the damages to the aforementioned luggage if it wasn't properly packaged, and as such, it was exposed to potential damages.
The Company is liable for the damages caused by the loss or damage of the passenger or unaccompanied luggage or/and items, in the maximum total amount of 1500 kuna (200 €).
Dangerous items (explosives, flammable items, breakable items etc.) cannot be accepted into the vehicle. The Company is not liable if the wrong information is provided about the unaccompanied items being transported.


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Additional information

For any additional information and inquiries, please contact Marin Brkljača using our e-mail address info@rovinj-transfers.

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